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Health tourism is a new advancement in both industries of health and tourism offering the advanced method of medical treatment, relaxing, and enjoying the touristic areas and is developing revolutionary in the future.

KIATREAT is an Iranian professional health tourism facilitator company consisting of well-experienced physicians, surgeons, and specialists and a skillful tour operator assisting international companies and individual clients in taking advantage of high-quality medical tourism options at a low cost as much as possible in preferable and advantageous medical tourism destinations.

who all prioritize the patient’s healthcare needs offering We will always strive to prioritize our patient’s healthcare needs and tailor-make the best medical tourism options and healthcare packages according to our patients’ needs in order to be satisfied with quality medical tourism deals, offering the advanced method of medical treatment, relaxing and enjoying the touristic areas.

Our clients choose medical tourism for 4 main reasons:

    • availability of treatment
    • quality of health care
    • reduced waiting times
    • cost savings

KIATREAT site has been adopted from the name of Treata, an Iranian physician who is regarded as the first surgeon in the world. This site has been established in 2020 with private investment.

Is IRAN The Right Choice for My Treatment?


Iran’s image is overwhelmingly negative across the world and we can imagine how much you may have developed negative thoughts and afraid of traveling to Iran because of daily negative news about Iran in media! But as you know reality is different from expectations.

Iran is one of the most developed countries in medical fields whether surgical or non-surgical procedures such as ophthalmology, cosmetic and plastic surgery specially in breast, nose job, facelift, dental treatment and implant, hair treatment, liver transplantation and so on which makes Iran special to stand among the top nations in terms of scientific and technological advances in medical sciences. Patients who seeking treatment in abroad are increasingly flocking to Iran from all over the world, especially Middle Eastern countries, to achieve the best treatment in this country.

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They choose Iran for several reasons:

Iran is popular for surgery in many fields such as ophthalmology, dental issues, nose job, maxillofacial, reconstructive surgeries, …….  Iran is ranked first in the world for liver transplantation and ranked first in the Middle East in terms of the number of surgeries. Not to forget to mention that Iran is famous in implant treatments in the whole region. Iranian specialists and surgeons are skilled and knowledgeable and, in some fields, become distinguished at international level.

Iran is considered as one of the most famous countries in Medical Tourism for its high-quality services including best physicians, specialists, expert surgeons and modern medical facilities and equipment. There are a plenty of modern health care centres including hospitals and clinics in Iran which we have listed and you can find it through this

According to the latest Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Iran is the cheapest destination not only for travelling but also in medical treatment comparing to other countries. The low cost and high quality of health care services in Iran has attracted thousands of patients from neighbouring countries to enjoy a successful treatment and surgery here.

No doubt that hospitality and generosity are two important characteristics of Iranians. Foreign travellers often immediately notice these common traits as soon as they enter Iran. If you ask a traveller who has visited Iran, they will likely emphasize that Iranians are friendly, hospitable, educated and civilized people which all these factors make the visitors to change their attitude about Iran and Iranian nation specifically after they socialized with local people.

What do we offer?


For every surgery, KIATREAT will help you regarding Clinic and doctor visits, medical tests, medical photography, surgery in hospital or clinic, post-operative care, medicines, recovery, and follow-up.

KIATREAT also offers all-inclusive packages including visa, hotel, transfer, sim card, doctor appointments, and everything that is needed for a desirable surgery in Iran. 


KIATREAT team is supporting you online on WhatsApp. Just ask for help to find your treatment (medical / cosmetic). It is free!

You are not alone! We accompany you during your medical trip 24 hours/7 days.

KIATREAT enjoys an experienced tour planner team. Just share with us your plan and let us organise your trip. We will assist you to book your hotel, English/Arabic spoken guide, transfers, local tickets and manage your sightseeing tours according to your taste.

KIATREAT has selected many advanced and high-quality hospitals and clinics to contract with. We provide you VIP services in hospitals and clinics.

KIATREAT supports you during your post-op recovery by Proper nursing care.

Long-term follow-up by phone, video call, WhatsApp, etc.

For electronic visa (e-visa), you need to apply for visa code/ reference through an authorized travel agency. KIATREAT is an authorised tour operator to apply your visa code.

Important Note:

There is a separate visa fee that the patient must pay when receiving the visa, which it is not included in this package.

KIATREAT provide you Airport pick-up/ drop-off, private transfer from hotel to clinic/hospital and vice versa.

KIATREAT Provides you accommodations at affordable prices.

We offer you three-star to five-star hotels, hostels and hotel apartments all over the country preferably near the hospital/ clinic you will have your treatment. For more information, please visit the list of hotels contracted with us. Depending on your treatment plan, we book your stay in Iran.

KIATREAT will provide you interpreter, SIM card and internet as well.

The medicines and other aftercare items prescribed by the surgeon as necessary items are included in this package.

Also, in the case of surgery, the doctors’ appointment and consultations offered to the patient by KIATREAT are free of charge and included in the package. The extra services such as other doctors whom the patients demand will be added to final invoice.

    • All airfares & airport taxes and visa fees.
    • All meals other than stated in your itinerary.
    • All entrances and excursions other than stated in your itinerary.
    • All items of a personal nature, i.e. telephone calls, laundry, tips for meals, tips for guides and drivers, all beverages etc.
    • It is our recommendation that all passengers take out all the necessary travel insurances for cancellation/curtailment, loss of baggage as well as Medical Cover.
    • Porterage.

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    We offer tours at all budget and activity levels and a mix of various accommodations such as hotels, Traditional style hotels, eco-lodges, camping, guesthouses, and local houses. Moreover, you will have the chance to socialize with locals and have an insight into the diverse culture of Iran and visit its natural beauty. Please visit us:

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