About Us

KIATREAT is an Iranian professional medical tourism facilitator consisting of well-experienced physicians, surgeons, and specialists and a skillful tour operator who all prioritize the patient’s healthcare needs offering the advanced method of medical treatment, relaxing, and enjoying the touristic areas.

KIATREAT prepares several offers according to your needs which includes:

information on treatment and the procedure, possible risks, procedure calendar, visa process, accommodation, transportation, and according to your request will offer you excursion activities such as sightseeing tours and full-day city tours.

Our medical travel plans include healthcare services, booking accommodation, travel tickets, visas, airport pick-up (and drop-off), private transfer, round-the-clock interpreting and tour guiding services, nursing, sightseeing tours, and so on.



To achieve world ranking in providing world-class medical tourism services that meet all your healthcare needs.


    • Provide affordable high quality medical and surgical facilities to patients with any income
    • Prioritize patient safety
    • Use the advanced method of medical treatment

Offer a broad range of assistance to patients in planning treatment procedures and customize tour packages according to patients’ needs.

Our Values

    • We are committed to delivering the best and advanced method of treatment to patients
    • We benefit from experienced staff
    • We value our clients’ concerns by supporting them to achieve their goals
    • We respect our clients’ cultures and religious beliefs with high regards
    • We care and pay attention enthusiastically to patients’ requests

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    Collaboration with


    Zino Expedition is a tour operator and sister company of KIATREAT which benefits from a professional team with 10 years of experience working with famous brands and specializes in small group tours with expertise to operate adventure tours focusing on visiting remote regions and non-touristic areas including activities such as trekking, climbing, skiing, desert off-road and biking.  Moreover, we have ample experience to plan and organize cultural journeys and expeditions.

    We offer tours at all budget and activity levels and a mix of various accommodations such as hotels, Traditional style hotels, eco-lodges, camping, guesthouses, and local houses. Moreover, you will have the chance to socialize with locals and have an insight into the diverse culture of Iran and visit its natural beauty. Please visit us: www.zinoexpedition.com