Basir eye clinic, Iran’s first private ophthalmology center, started in 1993 with the aim of facilitating diagnosis and treatment as well as performing eye surgeries. It has branches in Shiraz and Kerman.

The collaboration with the best ophthalmologists in Iran, the use of the most up-to-date ophthalmology equipment in the world, the affordable price of services, and respect and reverence for patients have made the Basir Clinic the choice of many Iranian and foreign patients for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

Major specialties of the hospital include Laser eye correction surgery, Fictitious lens (intraocular lens), Cornea transplantation, Punctual plugs, Cataract Surgery, Intravitreal Surgery, Vitrectomy Surgery, Corneal Ring Implantation Surgery, Pterygium Treatment, Secondary lens implantation surgery, Cross-Linking Surgery, Enucleation, Eyelid Surgery, Strabismus Surgery, DCR, Femto-Lasik.

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