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breast reduction
Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery also referred to as reduction mammaplasty is a procedure to remove excess fat and tissue from the breast to achieve a breast size proportionate to your body. Breast reduction is meant for ladies who suffer from large breasts. This surgery helps you to improve your self-image and ability to participate in physical activities. The advantages of breast reduction are numerous which can resolve issues such as skin irritation under breasts, nerve pain, chronic back and neck and shoulder pain, difficulty fitting into bras and clothing, and restricted activity.

Breast reduction is not recommended if you are one of the following groups: 

    • Very obese people
    • People with diabetes
    • People with heart disease
    • Smokers

Breast reduction surgery can be performed at any age. However, if you haven’t started a family or your family isn’t yet complete, it is recommended to postpone breast reduction after pregnancy, childbirth, or losing weight. Breast-feeding might be challenging after breast reduction surgery — although certain surgical techniques can help preserve your ability to breastfeed.

A breast lift also known as mastopexy is a procedure to remove excess skin and tighten the breast tissue in order to reshape and raise the breasts.  Women’s breasts change over time by losing their youthful shape and firmness. These changes and loss of skin elasticity can be caused because of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, aging, gravity, and heredity.

Reduction of saggy breast

For having smaller breasts, you may need a combination of breast lift and breast reduction surgery. It reshapes to raise the breasts with a reduction of saggy breasts.

Breast lift (mastopexy)
Breast Lift

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure


In this procedure, your surgeon removes excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts in order to achieve a breast size proportionate to your body. 
The procedure is performed in a hospital or an outpatient surgical clinic and usually under general anesthesia, which takes between 2 to 5 hours.

Usually, your surgeon makes an incision around the areola and down each breast to be able to remove excess breast tissue and fat, and skin to reduce the size of each breast. It is worthy to mention that breast reduction surgery incisions are minimal and won’t be visible after the surgery. Then, for having more symmetric and nice-looking breasts your surgeon will reposition the nipple and areola. The size of the areola will be reduced, and the remaining breast will be reshaped. 

If your breasts are not yet fully developed, you may need a second surgery later in your life. 

Before the surgery: 

You will be evaluated and asked about your medical history and overall health by your plastic surgeon. It is also recommended to:

    • Discuss your surgeon about your expectations for breast size and appearance after the surgery
    • Get a mammogram and breast exam
    • Reduce your alcohol consumption to less than twice a week
    • Stop smoking for a certain period of time before and after the surgery
    • Avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs to control bleeding during surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery in Iran is truly ideal for people seeking surgeries abroad. Among the reasons, competitive prices, skillful surgeons, and modern hospitals and clinics equipped with advanced technologies are the most important factors for every patient.

Female Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Iran


Breast surgery in Iran is performed by the highly skillful hands of accomplished Iranian surgeons. The cost of surgery in Iran is quite low compared to other advanced countries. Breast reduction surgery cost is no exception. Breast reduction average cost in Iran is highly competitive as you can see in the following chart. 

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Depending on your arrival, you will be welcomed at airport by our guide, then you will be picked up and transferred to your hotel*. Checking into the hotel; according to schedule you will be Transferred from hotel to clinic or hospital to visit the doctor; Pre-op tests/images; Transfer from clinic to hotel.


Important note:

If you arrive late afternoon or early morning, you should inform us before your flight, so 1 day more will be added to your itinerary and the quotation will vary.

According to appointment schedule, you will be transferred to hospital; doing preparations for surgery; conversation between doctor & patient, reviewing the expectations; Performing of surgery; post-op recovery at hospital; taking doctor’s instructions; transfer to your hotel.

This is a rest day in hotel; taking post-op medications; following instructed diet; follow-up through doctor’s assistant.

This is a rest day in hotel; having regular eating restarts; daily walking; taking post-up medications.

This is a rest day in hotel; having regular eating restarts; daily walking; follow-up through doctor’s assistant; drain removal by the doctor.

At this day, you can take a shower at the hotel; transfer from hotel to clinic; check-up and bandage removal (by your doctor) *; reviewing post-op instructions and dos & don’ts; receiving written certificate from doctor confirming patient is fit to fly; transfer from clinic to hotel.

According to your flight departure, you will be transferred from your hotel to international airport by KIATREAT’s driver; before transferring to airport, you can visit KIATREAT office** and talk to customer relationship management about your trip to Iran and treatment schedule. Transfer to airport and farewell; start of permanent follow-up through communication channels.

* The doctor appointment may be in the 5th or 6th day depending on the circumstances.


** If your departure is in the weekends, this step may not be feasible. You will be contacted through email or WhatsApp.

Breast Reduction Surgery Healing


You will experience swelling or bruising after the surgery which is normal. However, your surgeon will do the following actions for faster recovery:

    • Covering your breasts with gauze or bandages
    • Prescribing medication for pain, antibiotics to decrease the risk of infection, and special ointments or creams
    • Might place a tube under each arm to drain any excess blood or fluid (which will be removed after 2 days)
    • Will recommend wearing an elastic compression bra for 2 months after the surgery.
Breast lift recovery

After the surgery, you are prohibited to:

    • Have a heavy physical activity for 2 weeks
    • Wearing underwire bras for a few months
    • Hot tubs and hot showers for at least 3 weeks

It is also recommended to wear loose and comfortable T-shirts and blouses. 
After 10 days, you need a follow-up visit to remove stitches and check your recovery.

It is very important to know that scars are normal side effects of breast reduction surgery and they will fade away over time. To help heal the scars faster it is recommended not to lift heavy objects too soon after the surgery. The good news is the results are permanent. 

Breast Reduction Surgery Before & After Photos


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