Eyes are organs of the visual system that react to light and allow vision. Eye includes a number of components such as cornea, iris, pupil, lens, retina, macula, optic nerve, choroid and vitreous. All these components work together to make vision possible.

Eyes are the most important organs of sense and considered as the most significant elements of beauty on every face. However, there are some factors such as aging and heredity which make the eyes look old and not so attractive.

Eye surgery, also called ocular surgery is an operation on the eye or its adnexa which will be performed by an ophthalmologist. As you know, the eye is the window of the body and very fragile and sensitive organ which demands more care before, during and after a surgery to minimize the side effects of operation and prevent further damages.

Eye surgery in Iran is very easy and widely developed in using the latest techniques, high professional surgeons and ophthalmologists, and modern equipment which all these advantages help minimizing the risks of operation. It is important to know that a local anesthetic is essential for eye surgery as the eye is totally supplied by nerves. 

Eye surgeries in Iran include Lasik, Cataract, Strabismus, and Corneal Transplant Surgery.

Eye Surgery in Iran


Iran boasts high qualified professionals in eye surgery and treatment as well as modern eye clinics and hospitals equipped with advanced instruments using the latest technologies. KIATREAT offer the best services at an affordable price to all type of people with any income, as we believe that treatment is a fundamental human right.

Eye Care

Iran is a low-cost country for treatment including surgery in most branches of medical science.

Iran has a great score and high success in eye treatment comparing to other Middle East countries and it made Iran as an exceptional and popular destination for eye care and treatment in this field.

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