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Forehead contouring in Iran, also known as bony augmentation or brow bone reduction, is a facial feminization surgery to change a masculine forehead to a feminine appearance. The Forehead area means from the upper eyebrow to the scalp line, and from one side to the other of the head. A masculine forehead is larger with bony ridges and sometimes with protruding orbital rims compared to a feminine forehead. The bones will be shaved down to shape a flatter, smoother, and rounder appearance by forehead contouring. This surgery is not only for men but women with masculine features can be the best candidates for forehead contouring because masculine foreheads normally have a bony ridge right above the eyes and beneath the brows, known as “brow bossing”.

forehead contouring can be performed to correct:

    • a heavy brow ridge,
    • uneven or bumpy forehead,
    • forehead bones,
    • a wide sloping forehead.

There are more advantages for forehead contouring such as:

    • Smoother forehead
    • Softer facial profile
    • Increased facial symmetry
    • Long-lasting outcome
    • Natural and seamless result

In the forehead contouring procedure, an incision will be made at or behind the hairline to access the skull bone above the brows. The bone will be shaved, reshaped, or fixed depending on your anatomy. The incision will then be closed with stitches. Forehead contouring surgery is performed under local anesthesia and normally takes 2- 3 hours. An overnight stay is usually required after forehead contouring.

Yes, Forehead contouring surgery can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries such as brow lift and hairline advancement to achieve the best aesthetic results. It is amazing to know that the incision is made at the same spot where that hairline lowering as it is made in brow lift surgery.

Generally, there are four types of forehead contouring including  :

fat injection, bone cement, E-PTFE, and silicone sheet. Based on the patient’s anatomy, the method of forehead contouring may vary.

Fat injection is one of the easiest procedures of forehead contouring in Iran. In this method, the surgeon will draw fat from patient’s body to inject to his/her forehead.

In bone cement method, the surgeon inserts a substance called as polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) which results a nice and smooth looking forehead. When the substance is inserted to forehead, it sticks right on the bone and you feel exactly like the bone. Bone cement method has a permanent result and it can be removed at any time you decide to remove it from your forehead or amend the substance. So, this method is more desirable for patients.

Inserting e-PTFE is Another type of forehead contouring. e-PTFE is a porous material that allows our tissue to connect and grow into it after surgery, making the e-PTFE implant stable in its position. e-PTFE has many advantages such as it is flexible, reliable, malleable, and easy to handle.

In this method, the surgeon will use silicone sheet which it is not accessible because it is not flexible, and its shape is difficult to adjust. So, it is not very popular. The duration of this surgery is approximately between 2 to 3 hours.

After forehead contouring surgery, you should expect swelling, bruising around your eyes and numbness which is quite normal as a natural complication of this surgery. in some cases, the numbness may last for about 3 months.

After forehead contouring surgery, you should expect swelling, bruising around your eyes and numbness which is quite normal as a natural complication of this surgery. in some cases, the numbness may last for about 3 months. A soft dressing will be placed around your forehead to diminish the swelling. It will be replaced with a bandage for at least 10 days.  The stitches will be removed about 1 week after the surgery. The vigorous exercises that causing sweat are not allowed for 1 month at least. You can wash your hair gently. The stitches are dissolvable ones and no need to refer to hospital to remove the stitches.

    • Infection from fat graft or implant or incision area.
    • Hematoma (internal bleeding)
    • A shift in implant position (which can be fixed by screws)
    • Bleeding
    • Poor scarring
    • Numbness within the forehead and scalp near the incision site. In most cases, it will recover within a few weeks.
    • Poor healing
    • Side effects from anesthesia

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