There are many factors causing loose skin on your thighs including massive weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. When you gain a lot of weight, your skin stretches too much to cover the added fat and this makes the skin loses its elasticity. So, the skin can’t be tightened up and fit again after losing a great deal of weight. Aging also diminishes the level of collagen in the skin which causes losing elasticity and resilience. Another factor that contributes to skin disorder is excessive exposure to sunlight. UV rays break down the skin’s collagen and damage collagen fibers which cause a reduction of the elasticity of the skin. So, thigh lift or thighplasty is the best treatment to improve the shape and appearance of the thighs.

What is Thigh Lift Surgery?


Thigh Lift Surgery, also called thighplasty, is an invasive cosmetic procedure to remove the excess fat and tighten the skin of the thighs. It is a suitable solution to improve the shape and appearance of the thighs.

Many people whether men or women choose thigh lift surgery to gain firm and youthful-looking thighs to have a proportional body. The thigh lift is also an ideal option for individuals who have lost a great deal of weight and have excess loose skin on their thighs.

Thigh lift surgery is an easy and routine procedure in Iran performed in advanced and modern hospitals and clinics by high skillful Iranian plastic surgeons using advanced and the latest techniques.  

Thigh Lift (Thighplasty) Procedure in Iran


Based on the type of thigh lift, the place of incisions differ and the surgeon will make the appropriate incisions in the groin area according to his expertise. Then, he starts cutting out excess skin and fat cells before inserting sutures to close up your wounds.

There is no need to worry about the scars as Thigh lift incisions are made where the scars could be hidden.

Thigh Lift (Thighplasty)

Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and usually lasts between 2 to 4 hours. You may need to stay in the hospital overnight in case complications arise.  In some cases, intravenous (IV) sedation may be used instead of anaesthesia.

A thigh lift can be combined with other procedures like liposuction in order to achieve a better result. Thighplasty can be done on both parts, the inner or outer thigh. Thigh lift also can be combined with the tummy tuck as well. So, as a result, you will have slimmer thighs with more elegant contours. It takes some time to achieve the final result.

Inner and medial thigh lifts are outpatient procedures, but bilateral and vertical thigh lifts might require a night or two of stay in hospital.

Thigh Lift (Thighplasty) Cost in Iran


According to the following chart, thigh lift surgery in Iran is affordable and inexpensive compared to other countries.

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Types of Thigh Lift in Iran


There are different types of thigh lifts in Iran including:

Inner thigh lift, also called medial thigh lift surgery, removes the loose skin of the lower part of the inner thigh. In this technique a small incision will be made where the pubic bone meets the thigh and extends to the crease of the buttock.

Mini thigh lift removes the loose skin and fat of the upper part of the inner thigh. This technique is a modification of the medial thigh lift and requires an incision in your groin area. Mini thigh lift is an effective technique with minimal and discreet scarring. The surgeon will then pull up the excess skin and trim it off. This procedure involves fewer incisions rather than other types of thigh lifts.

Bilateral thigh lift addresses the loose skin of both the inner and outer thighs. In this technique, the surgeon will make an incision in a V-pattern, along the line of the underwear to the top of the outer thigh.

Vertical thigh lift surgery addresses a lot of excess skin in all areas of your thighs. In this technique an incision will be made from the groin crease along the inside of the leg to the knee. So, the incision is very long and scarring is big as well. This technique is not recommended due to higher risk for complications.

Lift with liposuction is an additional procedure to thigh lift surgery, in cases that the thigh area may have poor skin elasticity. This procedure helps remove excess fat cells and prevent sagging skin.

Things to know about Thigh Lift (Thighplasty)


Many people are demanding to improve their body shape including the thighs which thigh lift surgery is a potential option for that. But all people may not be good candidate for this surgery. In another word, you should ensure that:

    • You are at a stable weight
    • You are a non-smoker or stop smoking for at least 6 weeks before thigh lift surgery
    • You can commit to leading a healthy lifestyle in terms of exercise and diet
    • You have excess fat in the thighs which exercise has been unable to remove that
    • You have realistic expectations of thigh lift surgery achievement
    • You are ready physically and emotionally for thigh lift surgery and have an optimistic outlook
    • You should be well-informed about the possible risks and complications of the surgery

In order to have a safe and healthy surgery, there are a few thigh lift preparation tips that are recommended. It is very important to:

    • Maintain a stable weight at least for 6 months.
    • Stop smoking several weeks before the thigh lift procedure.
    • Avoid of drinking alcohol some days before the surgery
    • Stop taking medications that increase bleeding such as aspirin, certain supplements, and anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen
    • Talk with your surgeon about your expectations

Before undergoing through a thigh lift, it is very important to be aware of risks and side effects arise due to thigh lift surgery. You should discuss with your surgeon about the following risks although they are not common and most of these complications occur in a small number of patients:

    • bleeding
    • scarring
    • infections
    • fat necrosis
    • skin discoloration
    • asymmetry
    • loss of skin elasticity
    • fluid accumulation
    • deep vein thrombosis
    • heart or lung complications

A thigh lift will leave scars on your skin. Depending on the skin quality, the extent and location of the incisions, the scars are more or less visible.

Iranian skilful surgeons try to make the incisions in inconspicuous parts to make them invisible or less visible, like areas covered by underwear and bikini. Scar-healing products can help improve the scars.

Recovery time depends on many factors such as the extent of the incisions, your diet and your age but usually takes about two weeks after thigh lift surgery to get back to normal life. You will be given special instructions for your recovery time at home. It is very important to adhere to these instructions to have proper recovery and successful result of your surgery. Your surgeon will prescribe you some medications such as pain killers, anti-inflammatory or antibiotics for a few days to alleviate the post-operative pain and avoid of infection.

You must visit immediately your surgeon if you experience chest pain, shortness of breath, or unusual heartbeat.

You may experience bruising, swelling and soreness in the area which it is quite normal. It is recommended to wear compression garments which helps reduce the swelling after thighplasty.

You may need to have drains to collect excess fluid and reduce the risk of infection. Sutures will be removed in less than 2 weeks.

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