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Dental Care in Iran

I have traveled to Iran many times. Iran not only has very good doctors but its equipment is updated every time I come to Iran, especially dentistry. It also has very tasty food in Iran. Many thanks to the KIATREAT team.


Barbara Pliszka

from Poland

Eye Surgery in Iran​

I have had amblyopia since I was a child. In Germany, I was told that one of my eyes had about 25 percent vision, but they weren’t sure what the problem was. The last thing ophthalmologists did was to cover a healthy eye for two hours a day. Sometimes I was shown 3D black and white photos that I could use to correct my eyesight.
As I discussed with the Iranian ophthalmologist, the lazy eye should be treated for a year. Thanks to KIATREAT for visa coordination and ophthalmic planning.


Arian Hosseini Fard

from Germany

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